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Sunny Lemons
Blue Sky Lemons
Lemons in Primary Colors
Low Hanging Lemons
Sky's the Limit
Warm Agave
Agave Burst
Tequila Flame
Warm and Cool Echeveria
Green Rose Echeveria
Curlicue Aloe
Purple Toothe Agave
Blue Coast Agave
Blue Aloe
Starlight Succulent
Red Top Echeveria
Flaming Agave
Orange Spiked Agave - SOLD
Orange Spikes Agave in Dining Room
Forever Alive
Foreve Alive with pink chair
Foreve Alive in dining room
Butterfly Blue Agave
Butterly Blue Agave in bedroom
Voilet Queen Echeveria
Sunburst Aeonium in office view 2
Vioet Queen Echeveria in office
Sunburst Aeonium
Sunburst Aeonium by bech
Pac Man Pond Party
Pac Man Pond Party in white office
Carp et Lily Diem
Carp et Lily Diem with orange bench
Tangerine Lotus
Tangerine Lotus with deep orange chair
Reed Reflection
Lily Pad Road
Lily Pad Road in yoga room
Disco Palm
Disco Plam in living room
Three Palm Paintings in Living Room
Curvy Palm
Curvy Palm with wood stools view 2
Floating Palm
Floating Palm with fireplace view 2
Floating Palm with fireplace
Rainbow Palm
Pleated Palm
Woven Palm
Shimering Palm
Towering Palm
Shimmering Palm in living room
Monserta Glow
Monstera Glow above books
Four Palms on stairway wall
Bowing Palm.
Bowing Palm with lantern
Hanging Palm.
Pointed Palm - SOLD
Intersceting Palm.
Fan Palm.
Hanging Palm -  SOLD
Shady Path
Shady Path with green chair
Desert Bloom
Desert Bloom with candles and flowers
Tumbleweed Shadow
Fall Pads - SOLD
Fall Pads by lantern
Zig Zag Pads - SOLD
Lily Reflection - SOLD
Raindrop Lily - SOLD
Two Lily painings witjh pink cherry blossoms
Sunny Lily
Pads on Blue.
Purple Lily.
Fucshia Lily - SOLD
Gingko Lily
Ponty Lily
Lavender Gold
Autumn Brush - SOLD
Autumn Brush with orange chair
Full Moon Marsh
Purple Brush.
Pink Path
Poppy Lavender
Tumbleweed Shadow
Tumbleweed Shadow view 2
Dawn Vineyard
Dawn Vineyard in Dining Room
Autumn Reflection
Thistle Field
Oaks on Orange in green room
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Stop By My Booth

COUNTDOWN NEXT SATURDAY -  my scarf designs, new cutting boards, pouches, greeting cards, small 12x12 paintings and more will be available at the Main Street Summer Soulstice celebration in Santa Monica on Saturday – July 13! 

My booth is number 133, which will be located between one ½ blocks North of Ocean Park near Hollister on Main Street in Santa Monica!  I’ll be there from 12 to 5 PM!  

  Pam's New Art Scarves make a fantastic gift! 
Send me an email to

with your requests!  I have every scarf design in stock.   


Vibrant colors have always played an important role in my life. Growing up in a home surrounded by artists and making art daily led me to major in Art Design at UCLA.

Art teaching was my goal, but elementary education was my destination.

After working in education for almost 40 years, now that I am retired, I finally have time to paint!  I have been a Principal for 25 years at two high performing National Blue Ribbon Schools.  Twenty years at Community Magnet Charter ES in Bel Air and most recently five years at Fairburn Ave ES in Westwood.  I also served as the Director for over 20 of the high performing elementary schools in the Westside of Los Angeles.  

For 40 years I made sure every child I served was able to enjoy the excitement of creating.

   I am finally able to create myself.

I hope my bright and colorful paintings bring joy into your life and make you smile! 

Pam Marton is a Los Angeles based oil painter known for using complementary colors to depict the joy filled beauty found in nature. By painting side by side two hues directly opposite each other on the color wheel, such as blue and orange, Pam Marton’s paintings are guaranteed to add positive energy to any room.  Her complementary color pallet works well together because these colors balance each other visually.  There is actually a scientific reason why these complementary colors look good together.  The cones in your eyes use a careful balancing act to ensure that you see color correctly, when two opposite colors enter the eye, they stimulate both low-frequency cones and high frequency cones at the same time. Pam’s paintings are a feast for the eye and will continue to engage the viewer for years to come.

Succulent Collection

Succulent Collection

Landscape Collection

Water Lily Collection